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Data analytics is a born product of data science. today now a day data has been the like as a cubic 3-D combination puzzle that it increases the order complexity is increase to analyze them exactly now happens in data that will be generated from any large-scale organization or by an individual. So now in each and every aspect, we want to analyze them to beneficial for us to take optimize decisions on that raw of data.

But we think that how to do it that data would be analyzed inefficient in a way So now we are learning about probability and statistics from higher school to higher educations this is the application of the magic of data statistical called data analytics. we all are heard about Six sigma which involved the analysis of the business manufacturing defects, productivity, profitability,..etc. It has a task to extract useful hidden insights in the data which we are gathered and analyze them concerning business requirements.

So in Dat…
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Great innovation projects journey of india with Texas Instruments

Hi Friends,

here I will come with great information on India projects journey partner Texas Instruments.
Texas Instruments has one of the longest space-flight histories of any semiconductor vendor. Even before Texas Instruments engineer Jack Kilby conceived and built the first integrated circuit (IC) in September 1958, Texas Instruments transistors had flown into space on the U.S.’s first satellite, Explorer 1, which launched on Jan. 31 that same year. Since then, products from Texas Instruments have flown on many space missions. Notable and historic missions with Texas Instruments products onboard include:  • Telstar 1, the first broadcast TV satellite • Apollo 11, marking the first man on the moon  • Mariner 2, the first successful interplanetary spacecraft  • Voyager 1, still traveling after 40 years and now the farthest a human-made object from Earth  • Every Space Shuttle mission from 1981-2011  • Navigational satellites supporting GPS and the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS)…

Electromagnetics Interview Questions Series

Q-1: When we apply current in circular ring clockwise direction than what pole of bar magnet it should represent or what happens in vice versa.
Q-2: Can we used copper as dielectric material at W or V bands.

                                             Hello, my dear friend, 's I will come back with this Electromagnetics subject questions please give your answer according to your knowledge. if you have doubts then join with me in my WhatsApp group link is below.

FM Ratio Detector: FM ratio discriminator working and principle

The ratio FM detector, discriminator or demodulator was widely used for FM demodulation for radio receivers that typically used discrete components. Now with radios using integrated circuits other forms of FM demodulator are more applicable.
When used, the FM ratio detector was able to provide good levels of performance with limited number of components.
The FM ratio detector may also be called an FM ratio demodulator or even an FM ratio discriminator.The two main types of FM detector or demodulator that were used in circuits using discrete components were the ratio detector and the Foster-Seeley FM detector.
Both types were widely used, but the FM ratio detector was the more common because it offered a better level of amplitude modulation rejection of amplitude modulation. This enabled the circuit to provide a greater level of noise immunity as most noise is amplitude noise. It also enabled the FM detector to operate more effectively even with with lower levels of limiting in the preced…

Electronics Devices And Circuits Questions And Answer

Q-1: Why MOSFET is Symmetrical devices but not a Transistor.
Q-2:  If we increase the gate to source voltage in negatively then the pinch-off voltage of JFET is increased or decrease,explain with graph plotting. Q-3: why the output resistance of MOSFET is inversely proportional to the channel length modulation parameter.Q-4: in N-P-N transistor Emitter-Base and Base-Collector reverse saturation current is same or not and why.

Hello my dear friend's i will be come back with this EDC subject questions please give your answer according to your knowledge. if you have doubt then join with me in my whatapp group link is below.


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